Single Seal Technology


The Radiac® has exclusive Single Seal Technology that not only provides you with a lifetime guarantee, but gives you manufacturing quality not found any where else.

What is Single Seal Technology and why is it important to me?

Years ago, these Radial Appliance1 units were made without the knowledge of long-term consequences, which caused several major problems involving their use and handling.

Design flaws appear in many ways. Two of the most glaring flaws include:

Every one of these older, poorly designed units has serious flaws, including; broken seals, separation, craking, and leaking.

These damaged units that absorb moisture and rust, can cause serious problems and will no longer operate correctly. Each of these design flaws has been corrected with Baar's Single Seal Technology

Radial Appliance Design Flaws Radial Appliance Design Failures Corrected by The Radiac Single Seal Technology Design
When these old design "Radial Appliance" units are placed in ice water, the two different materials will contract at different speeds and will create hairline cracks.
These hairline cracks will suck in moisture.

Examples of Radial Appliance Design Failures

Seal Cracking & Separation

Radial Appliance Design Flaw, Seal Cracking  & Separation
These units are repeatedly placed in ice water, removed and then placed in the sun. This creates a major temperature difference to the materials being used.

Different Casing Materials

Radial Appliance Design Flaw, Use of Diffferent Casing Materials
When placed in ice and water it contracts. Different casing materials contract and expand at different rates of speed and eventually create hairline cracks. These hairline cracks will suck in damaging moisture.

Moisture Gets Inside Unit

Radial Appliance Design Flaw, Moisture Gets Inside Unit
Moisture causes rusting, shorting, general breakdown and failure. These cracks are hard to see but will do great damage. The broken seal can happen at any time and you may not know the unit is failing.

This never occurs with the Baar Radiac®

 • The Radiac has Single Seal Technology that protects it for a lifetime.

 • Completely sealed in one material, not two dissimiliar materials.

 • Every Radiac has Single Seal Technology.

 • The Radiac will never crack or leak.

 • The Radiac will never allow moisture or water to get inside.

The Single Seal Technology, along with the other advances from the research at Baar Products, guarantees your Radiac will work EVERY time FOR A LIFETIME.

It is trademarked - for your protection.

Your peace of mind is our guarantee from Baar Products.

Read Radiac Customer Testimonials here and view videos below.

Lifetime Guarantee
The Radiac® will never crack, leak or experience degradation. Moisture will never get inside to destroy it.

1The term "Radial Appliance" is a misnomer and quite often used by those unfamiliar with the origin.
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Baar Products, Inc. The Radiac and Single Seal Technology are Trademarks of Baar Products


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The Radiac is endorsed by the The Association For Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Health and Rejuvenation Research Center (H.R.R.C.), and the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy.


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